Auto Repair 101: Are Your Brakes Working Properly?

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Every single part of your vehicle serves a purpose. New noises are typically warning signs of a potential problem, that will eventually require auto repair or maintenance.

Your vehicle’s brakes are arguably the most important safety mechanism on your car, therefore, when you hear new noises, it’s best to get them checked immediately.

Following an automotive maintenance plan, such as getting your brakes inspected annually, is the best way to prevent larger issues with your vehicle down the road. But, if you hear new noises or have difficulty using your brakes, it’s important to bring your car in right away.

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If you notice any of the items listed below, you should bring your car into your local auto repair shop ASAP:

1. If you hear screeching, clicking or grinding sounds when using your brakes.

2. If you notice that your car veers to one side while braking.

3. If your brake pedal almost touches the floor before the brakes work.

4. If your pedal feels hard, and requires extra pressure before the brakes work.

5. If your brakes react harshly to the slightest touch.

6. If your brakes vibrate or pulse, when using under normal braking conditions.

7. If you notice sticking brakes or lower engine power, your brakes may not be releasing in the most efficient way.

8. If the brake light is illuminated on your dashboard.

Like many other aspects of your vehicle, your brakes will wear down over time and eventually need replacement. Regular auto repair and maintenance are the best ways to extend the lifespan of your brakes. Cutting down on severe driving will also increase their longevity.

During a routine brake inspection, your rotors, calipers, drums, pads, pistons, brake lines and fluid should all be examined. Every other year you should have your brake systems flushed and brake fluid replaced.

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