Adopt These 6 Driving Habits to Improve Your Gas Mileage

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Tired of spending money at the pump?

With the summer season officially upon us, gas prices are sure to go up in California. But, with a few new driving habits, you’ll improve your fuel economy and save money.

  1. Keep your car clean: When your vehicle gets mud or dirt in the undercarriage it can significantly weigh down the car.
  2. Limit air conditioning use: Running you’re A/C nonstop lowers your gas mileage. But, when driving at higher speeds, it’s better to have the A/C on than the windows down. Driving fast with the windows down can create drag, which will force your engine to work harder.
  3. Don’t leave your car in idle for long periods: When waiting for a friend or picking someone up, try not to leave your engine running for too long. If you expect it will be a lengthy wait, it’s best to turn off your vehicle.
  4. Try to get all your errands done in one place: Restarting your engine multiple times a day will use up a lot of your gas. If you can, it’s best to get everything you need in one place or with one trip.
  5. Cut down on aggressive driving: Not only does hitting the gas and slamming on your brakes make for a rather dangerous ride, it will burn through your fuel. Gradual changes in speed will help you get better gas mileage. Use cruise control when you can to support a consistent speed on longer trips.
  6. Keep your trunk empty: Keeping a bunch of weight in your trunk will create more drag while you drive, and as a result, burn through your gas.

In addition to practicing safe driving, always make sure to stick to your vehicle’s service schedule. Properly maintaining and repairing your automobile will make sure that it continues to run in peak condition and prolong its lifespan.

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