Car Battery Issues? Here’s What To Do Next …

battery repair

It’s been a very hot few weeks in Los Angeles. While battery issues are typically associated with colder weather, it’s actually the heat that’s a battery’s worst enemy.

This is why many car manufactures recommend vehicle owners – who live in hotter parts of the country — get their battery checked two years after purchasing a new automobile and every year after that.

If you see your battery light turn on – a light on your dashboard that’s usually in the shape of a battery — while you’re driving, it’s a sign that your car’s charging system is malfunctioning.

There are a few different reasons you might see your battery light turn on. The battery cable could be loose or corroded, there might be an issue with the alternator or voltage regulator, the accessory belt that connects the alternator is loose or broken or there may be a problem with the battery itself.


The battery light typically turns on just a few seconds after starting the car, but if it appears while driving that means there’s a bigger issue.

Other ways to identify battery problems are dim headlights and/or interior lights, or issues with your vehicle’s accessories, like the clock losing time.

If the battery light turns on while driving, it’s important to bring your car to an auto repair center right away. If there’s some power left in the battery, you should be able to make it to a mechanic even if the vehicle’s charging system is not working.

While driving with the battery light on, make sure you turn off as many electrical units as possible. That means shutting off the air conditioning or heat, turning off the stereo, not using electrically powered windows and keeping the interior lights shut off. The more you can decrease the electricity the car is using, the longer you will be able to drive before the battery dies.

Still, once you turn off your car, there’s very high chance that it won’t restart if the battery doesn’t have enough power left to connect the starter to the motor.

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