7 Car Tips Every Automobile Lover Should Follow



Owning a vehicle is a major investment.

While regular automobile maintenance and repair will make sure that your car stays running in tip-top shape, here are a few key car tips to help you protect your vehicle.

1. Rainproof your windshield: Make sure your windshield wipers are up-to-date. Manufactures recommend that you replace the blades every three months. Aside from functionality, windshield wipers are an important aspect of safety, ensuring you can always see the road and the cars ahead of you while driving in wet conditions.

2. Always drive with your headlights on: While it may not seem necessary to drive during the daytime with your headlights on, a Canadian study found that those who drive with their lights on during the day saw an 11 percent decrease in the risk of being in an accident.

3. Buy a car instead of leasing a car: While leasing may seem like a more convenient option, buying a vehicle is better for your wallet long-term, especially if you’re planning to keep the same car for at least five years. Leasing typically ends up being more expensive, because you’re driving the vehicle during the best years of its life.

4. Use a car wash, rather than doing it yourself: If you live in Los Angeles, you know saving water is important. On average, washing a car yourself rather than going to a car wash uses 20 times more water. It’s also been found that you’re more likely to cause scratches than a professional.

5. Always check your tire pressure: Driving on less air will create greater friction between your tire and the road. This kind of wear and tear will not only decrease the life of your tires but will make your engine work harder.

6. Take care of your interior: Regular cleaning and conditioning of your dashboard and seats will ensure that your interior stays in good condition. Always make sure you’re using the right product — leather cleaner should be used for leather interiors and vinyl cleaner should be used for vinyl – and NEVER use an “all-purpose” cleaner.

7. Fix windshield cracks immediately: If a rock hits your windshield, take it into a glass repair shop right away. Usually, the crack can be filled to stop it from spreading … but the longer you wait, the greater chance you’ll need to replace to entire component.

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