Back-To-School Prep: Is Your Car Carpool Ready?

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With school officially back in session, it’s important to make sure your car is kid-safe and ready for carpool.

By checking your car for any of the issues listed below, you’ll provide your child and their friends a safer ride. Here are five things you’ll want to inspect your car for, to make sure it’s carpool safe:

  1. Examine your lights and wipers for maximum visibility: Shorter days and rainy weather are just around the corner. Look at your vehicle’s lights and wipers for wear and tear. Dim interior or exterior lights can be dangerous for nighttime driving and old windshield wiper blades can significantly decrease driving visibility in wet weather.
  2. Get your brakes checked: Your brakes are arguably the most important safety mechanism on your car, so it’s extremely important to get your brakes checked annually. If you hear screeching or clicking when you use your brakes, your brake light is illuminated or your brakes are slow to react, bring your car in immediately for service. mercedes benz repair
  3. Check tire inflation and tread: Not only does driving on underinflated tires use more gas, it’ll cause you to replace your tires sooner than need be. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and check them for uneven wear. It’s also important to get regular wheel alignment and tire rotation to ensure your tires wear evenly, which will help them last longer.
  4. Make sure your battery is clean: Dirt can drain battery power and lead to corrosion. If you’ve noticed dim headlights, interior lights or if your check battery light is illuminated, bring your can into a mechanic right away.
  5. Check everyone’s seat belts: Before driving off, always make sure everyone is buckled up. Seat belts are the best way to save lives and prevent injuries in automobile accidents.

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